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Cheryl LaRoche uses African American history to inspire audiences and spark new conversations around the uses of history in the present. She combines inspiration, motivation and deep historical insights to deliver presentations, lectures and speeches that help audiences rethink what they know about history and why it matters. She brings new understanding to the commonplace, and a fresh approach to the effective messages that can be delivered using African American history.


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University of Illinois Press




  • African American history media personality for TV, film and documentaries


  • African American historical and archival research


  • Archaeaological artifact recovery and analysis




  • Workshops on unique aspects of African American history, especially archaeolgy and the history of the Underground Railroad



Keynotes, Lectures  and Motivational  Speeches 


  • Free Black Communities and the Underground Railroad: The Geography of Resistance


  • Underground Railroad and the Paths to Freedom in the North


  • Revitalization & Gentrification: Forces for Diversity or Division?


  • Preserving Historic Places: National Landmarks


  • States’ Rights vs. Human Rights: African Americans and the Path to Emancipation


  • The Dynamics of Inclusion in Public Archaeology


  • The Challenges of African American Preservation


  • What Archaeology Teaches Us About African American History


  • Women and the Underground Railroad




* Dr. Cheryl LaRoche can also tailor keynotes and motivational speeches to the needs of potential audiences and organizations.


For inquiries, please contact Cultural Insight Research Group,




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