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Heading to Detroit for the 2014 National Underground Railroad Conference

I will be in Detroit from July 16 - 18 for the 2014 National Underground Railroad Conference. The theme for this year’s conference is “I Resolved Never to Be Conquered: Women and the Underground Railroad." The conference theme is right in line with my own research since the focus of my next book will be women who escaped from slavery.

On Thursday, July 17th, I will moderate a panel entitled, "Women Seeking Freedom: Escaping on the Underground Railroad" and on Friday, July 18th, I will present a paper titled "Margaret Morgan and Prigg vs Pennsylvania" for a panel entitled "Not Submitting Tamely to Injustice: Women and the Fugitive Slave Laws.

If you are in Detroit and this subject matter is of interest to you, I strongly recommend attending the conference. Regardless, I look forward to sharing my thoughts about the conference with you in future blog posts.

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